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Working Tomorrow: Reimagining Human Skills in a Tech-empowered Future

DECEMBER 9, 2020,

09:00-10:45 CET (SWISS TIME)



The Future of Work is now.

The way we work is changing, and it is changing fast. The accelerating rate of technology integration into today’s workplace has sparked a revolution that is fundamentally reshaping the world of work. The driver behind this “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, a term introduced in 2015 by Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum, are technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotech, quantum computing, autonomous driving, 3D printing and biotech. While these technologies hold great promise and are expected to afford considerable benefits to humanity, their far-reaching impact have also seen the emergence of challenges such as labor displacement by automation. It is therefore more important than ever for us to re-examine new paradigms for work in order to envision a better world for all of us.

Join us on Dec 9 to hear from top academic, business, startup and government representatives from Switzerland and around the world!

For its 20th anniversary, the swissnex Network engages researchers, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to imagine the role of Switzerland on the global stage in 2040. The campaign, named “nex20”, consists of various activities in different formats across five themes, including “Working Tomorrow” in the context of future work.

On December 9, the nex20: Working Tomorrow event will convene top representatives of the Swiss academic and business landscape, top level panelists from China, India, Singapore, South Africa, and Switzerland, as well as top entrepreneurs from Swiss Deeptech startups who will be pitching their innovative solutions to enable the future of work.

Keynote Speech

09:05 - 09:20 AM

Featured sessions.

Patrick Warnking

Country Director,

Google Switzerland

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